TRECVID User Study

We performed a user study of 24 users which had to select the concepts from the MediaMill concept set which they expected to be helpful for answering the queries of TRECVID 2005. The summarized results can be accessed here here (the format is a TREC file). The file as following fields

Field Nr. Field Name Description
1 QID The Identifier of the Query
2 Dummy1 Dummy
3 Concept Name The name of the concept according to the MediaMill concept set.
4 Rank The Place in the ranking
5 Number of Clicks The number of people who thought that this concept would be useful for answering the queries. Concepts which were chosen equally often, are ordered alphabetically.
6 Run Identifier Run Identifier.

We used the results of this study for the evaluation of our Probabilistic Framework for Unobservable Events (PRFUBE), see for the publication.