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Paria/Buckskin Gulch 2015 (Photo by YvH) (video here)

This page contains a summary of my 'longer' trips since 1995, the year I started my long distance walking 'career':-) After I finished the gr5 and completed the top-3 of my trekking wishlist [ K2 - Everest - Patagonia ] I started in 2005, together with my work at the university, a career as trekking-guide for HT Wandelreizen / Nunatak. I stopped guiding in 2014 after an unfortunate encounter with polar bears in Greenland. Maybe I will start guiding again in the future but for now I enjoy organizing my own private treks. I'm also a Munro bagger. Currently I climbed 56 . Finally I also coordinate the weekend backpacking trips for the NKBV Zwerftochten program and organize a couple of trips myself.

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