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Moby Dick

Project overview




Moby Dick is the umbrella for a variety of projects along the subject of ubiquitous computing and wireless communication. This work is enabling a new generation mobile systems, in which efficiency plays the most crucial role.

Currently the research themes have focussed on:

Moby Dick is a project of the Embedded Systems group within the Department of Computer Science of the University of Twente, and collaborates extensively with other universities and industry.


We always have several master assignments ("D-opdrachten") and internships ("stages") available in the areas mentioned above.


The Moby Dick project has been a joint European project (Esprit Long Term Research 20422) to develop and define the architecture of a new generation of mobile handheld computers. The design challenges lie primarily in the creation of a single architecture that allows the integration of security functions (e.g. payment), externally offered services (e.g. airline ticket reservation), personality (i.e. these devices know what their owners want), and communication (mobile internet terminal).

The project involved partners from the universities of Twente, Pisa and Tromsų. For more detailed information about the now finished European project please see the Project Proposal and the Final Report.




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