Dr. A.J. van Hessen

Arjan van Hessen studied Geophysics (seismic exploration) and Italian Language in Utrecht. As a result of these two studies, he started in 1986 with a PhD research at the department of Phonetics at the University of Utrecht. In 1992 he defended his thesis titled “Discrimination of familiar and unfamiliar speech sounds”. From 1991 to 1993 he worked in Düsseldorf and Ulm (Germany) in the VerbMobil-project. After a short post-doc position in Utrecht (1993/1994), he moved to Lernout&Hauspie (1995 – 1997) in Brussels.

In 1996 he left Belgium to start at the HMI-group at the University of Twente as a researcher in Speech & Language Technology. Because the combination of academic research and business development is so appealing, he started at the same time as manager Speech & Language Technology at ComSys, a software company specialised in IVR applications.

Since 2002 he is working as head of imagination at TeleCats, market leader n the Netherlands in speech enabled  man-machine communication via the telephone.

For the University of Twente he is member of NOTaS: the Dutch Organisation of Speech and Language Technology. In 2004 he became member of the program committee of the Stevin-project: a €11M Flemish-Dutch initiative of the NTU to stimulate the development of Language & Speech Technology for Dutch.