18 March: Norvig Award Ceremony

Update (19 March): See the photos of the event.

On 18 March, starting at 15.45 h. until 17.30 h. the Norvig Web Data Science Award Ceremony takes place in the SmartXP lab in building Zilverling of the University of Twente. During the ceremony, Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google, will award the prize (funds to attend the 2013 edition of SIGIR in Dublin Ireland, a tablet, and a lightening talk at Hadoop Summit in Amsterdam) to the winners via a live video connection from California, USA. Participation in the event is free of charge. Please register by sending your name and affiliation to: challenges@inter-actief.net. Students and researchers will get the opportunity to ask questions to Peter Norvig during the event. If you have a good question, please send it to the email address above too: Maybe your question will be selected to be asked at the event.

Peter Norvig
Announcement at Inter-Actief

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  1. Djoerd Hiemstra Says:

    Welcome everybody

    Marcel Boersma and Bram Leenders about Inter-Actief’s Challenge Committee.

    Machiel Jansen from SURFsara about their infrastructure for Big Data Analysis

    The award ceremony, with Peter Norvig as robot and on hangout. (Photo: Evert Lammerts)

    The SmartXP lab from above. (Photo: Stefan Blom)

    Peter Norvig on Google hangout on the big screen.

    Final question by Ed Brinksma. (Photo: Stefan Blom)

    Peter Norvig as robot.

    Marieke Huisman thanks Marcel Boersma on behalf on the faculty. (Photo: Stefan Blom)

    Award winners Oliver Jundt, Wanno Drijfhout, and Lesley Wevers with their prize: a high-end Android tablet!

  2. Djoerd Hiemstra Says:
    What do we want? Science Challenges! When do we want it? Now!
  3. Djoerd Hiemstra Says:

    A little clip where Peter Norvig hands over the award (no hands):