UT Mastodon now live for all students, alumni and employees

U. Twente Mastodon

The University of Twente is the first Dutch university to run its own Mastodon server. Mastodon is a social network based on open web protocols and free, open-source software. It is decentralized like e-mail. Learning from failures of other networks, Mastodon aims to make ethical design choices to combat the misuse of social media. By joining U. Twente Mastodon, you join a global social network with more than a million people. The university will not sell your data, nor show you advertisements. Mastodon U. Twente is available to all students, alumni, and employees.

Join Mastodon U. Twente now.

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  1. Djoerd Hiemstra Says:

    See also:
    https://www.utoday.nl/news/65345/toots-en-boots-vesturen-via-mastodon (in Dutch)

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