Eurolan '97 Summer School on Corpus Linguistics

From the 13th of July till the 26th of July 1997 I attended the Eurolan Summer School on Corpus Linguistics in Tusnad, Romenia. This page contains some pictures that are probably only funny if you were there...

There is also a very serieus page.

Team photo

These are the worst: photos where everyone is 'posing'. Everyone? Oh no, this is just the very small group of people that were the first to arrive at St. Ana Lake behind the mountain (of which I completely forgot the name). These people hiked there!

At the lake

Are you going to swim?
No, much to cold!
You are wimpy!
I am not, I am going to swim if you are.
Normally I would, but there is no sun, if there was sun I would go!
Look at that, is that the sun coming through?

Eventually the very cool people actually took a swim.

Another team photo

This is the unbeatable team of Bukaresti hikers...

Beautiful Tusnad

This is what you see on top of the Eagles Rock.

The hotel.

Finally an impression of 'Baile Tusnad'.