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Organisations / conferences

  • ACM SIGIR: Special interest group on Information Retrieval
  • TREC: Text Retrieval Conference (trec_eval: TREC evaluation tool)
  • TRECVID: TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation
  • CIKM: Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
  • SIKS: Dutch research school for Information and Knowledge Systems
  • INFWETWG: Werkgemeenschap Informatiewetenschap
  • INEX: Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval
  • WEBIST: Web Information Systems Technologies



Research road maps

  • Asilomar Report: The Asilomar Report on Database Research, SIGMOD Record 27(4), December 1998
  • Amherst Report: Challenges in Information Retrieval and Language Modeling, University of Massachusetts Amherst, September 2002
  • Lowell Report: The Lowell Database Research Self-Assessment, Lowell Massachusetts, 4-6 May 2003
  • Claremont Report: Rakesh Agrawal et al. The Claremont report on database research. Communications of the ACM 52(6), June 2009
  • SIGIR 2002 CLIR workshop report: Cross-language information retrieval: a research road map

Experimental Systems

  • SMART (ftp site, see also the Smart tutorial by Paimans)
  • Okapi (Engine developed at City University, London)
  • InQuery (an overview of the retrieval engine developed at U. Massachusets, Amherst)
  • Z / PRISE (Retrieval system supporting Z39.50 developed by NIST)
  • MIRROR (project page)
  • Twenty-One (demonstrator)
  • LEMUR: Toolkit for language modeling and information retrieval
  • Lucene: full-featured text search engine written in Java
  • PF/Tijah: open source XQuery / Text Search system
  • Xapian: open source probabilistic Information Retrieval library
  • Zettair: search engine designed and written by the Search Engine Group at RMIT University, formerly known as Lucy.
  • Nutch: open-source web search engine based on Lucene.
  • OpenFTS: A PostgreSQL extension for full text search.
  • Terrier: TERabyte RetrIEveR, open source retrieval engine written in Java.
  • Zebra: good for indexing and searching highly structured data, Z39.50 interface.
  • Wumpus: engine that tracks file changes.
  • Hyper Estraier: a full-text search system for communities
  • ht://Dig: WWW Site Search Software
  • Swish-e: Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced
  • Beagle: desktop search
  • Sphinx: SQL Phrase Index, open-source SQL full-text search engine
  • Galago: toolkit for experimenting with text search

Cross-language information retrieval

Spoken Document Retrieval

Content-based Image Retrieval

Collaborative Filtering

More Information Retrieval links

Some web search engines

Searching scientific content

Database conferences

Experimental and open source database tools

  • MonetDB (download)
  • Berkeley DB (embeddable database)
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite: embeddable SQL database engine
  • GDBM: set of database routines using extensible hashing
  • Pyrrho: SQL database engine
  • PathFinder: MonetDB XQuery (demo)
  • Tamino: XML server
  • Xyleme: XML
  • X-Hive/DB: xml database
  • Infonyte: xml database
  • Quark: Unifying Database Systems and Information Retrieval Systems
  • eXist: open source XML database
  • Xindice: open source XML database
  • IPEDO: “XML Intelligence Platform”
  • XML:DB: Initiative for XML Databases
  • TIMBER: native XML database system
  • ZODB: Zope Object Database (Development Wiki)
  • ObjectDB for Java/JDO
  • Emdros: Emdros - the database engine for analyzed or annotated text
  • H2: open source, with full-text support(!)
  • SymmetricDS: asynchronous data replication software package for distributed/federated databases
  • Teiid: a data virtualization system that allows applications to use data from multiple, heterogenous data stores.

Game theory and computer science

  • GameComm: International Workshop on Game Theory in Communication Networks

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