University of Twente

SIKS/Yahoo Seminar on

Searching and Ranking in Structured Text Repositories

Seminar scope and aims

The goal of the one day workshop is to bring together researchers from companies and academia working in the area of both computer science and applied mathematics on ranking and searching in highly dynamic, structured text environments.

Keynote speakers


The workshop will take place at the University of Twente at the Spiegel (building 2), lecture hall SP-6.
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9:30Coffee and Welcome
10:00Efficient graph-based context-sensitive search
Debora Donato, Yahoo! Research Barcelona
11:00Evaluating statistical dependencies and rank correlations in power law graphs
Yana Volkovich, University of Twente
11:30Entity Ranking in Wikipedia
Arjen de Vries, CWI Amsterdam
13:00The search for expertise: to the documents and beyond
Pavel Serdyukov, University of Twente
13:30Towards a Distributed Search Engine
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Yahoo! Research Barcelona
14:45From Document to Entity Retrieval: Improving Precision and Performance of Focussed Text Search
PhD Defense of Henning Rode


SIKSNetherlands research School for Information and Knowledge Systems
Yahoo!Yahoo! Research
CTITCentre for Telematics and Information Technology, SRO Dependable Systems and Networks & SRO Natural Interaction in Computer-mediated Environments
WGIWerkgemeenschap Informatiewetenschap
NWONetherlands Organisation for Scientific Research