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(I) Full Papers

#107 Efficient Processing of Updates in Dynamic XML Data
 Changqing Li, Tok Wang Ling, Min Hu

#110 Adaptive Reorganization of Coherency-Preserving Dissemination Tree for
Streaming Data
 Yongluan Zhou, Beng Chin Ooi, Kian-Lee Tan, Feng Yu

#121 Scalable Exploration of Physical Database Design
 Arnd Christian König, Shubha U. Nabar

#122 Efficient Aggregation of Ranked Inputs
 Nikos Mamoulis, Kit Hung Cheng, Man Lung Yiu, David W. Cheung

#123 Transaction Time Support Inside a Database Engine
 David Lomet, Roger Barga, Mohamed Mokbel, German Shegalov, Rui Wang, Yunyue Zhu

#129 Expiration Times for Data Management
 Albrecht Schmidt, Christian S. Jensen, Simonas Saltenis

#133 Indexing for Dynamic Abstract Regions
 Joxan Jaffar, Roland Yap, Kenny Zhu

#134 ISOMER: Consistent Histogram Construction Using Query Feedback
 Utkarsh Srivastava, Peter Haas, Nimrod Megiddo, Volker Markl, Marsel Kutsch,
 Tam Minh Tran

#135 Mondrian Multidimensional K-Anonymity
 Kristen LeFevre, David DeWitt, Raghu Ramakrishnan

#138 A Complete and Efficient Algebraic Compiler for XQuery
 Christopher Re, Jerome Simeon, Mary Fernandez

#152 Learning from Aggregate Views
 Bee-Chung Chen, Lei Chen, Raghu Ramakrishnan, David R. Musicant

#161 CLAN: An Algorithm for Mining Coherent Substructures from Large Dense
Graph Databases
 Jianyong Wang, Zhiping Zeng, Lizhu Zhou

#167 Extending RDBMSs To Support Sparse Datasets Using An Interpreted
Attribute Storage Format
 Jennifer Beckham, Alan Halverson, Rajasekar Krishnamurthy, Jeffrey Naughton

#168 XSeed: Accurate and Fast Cardinality Estimation for XPath Queries
 Ning Zhang, Tamer Ozsu, Ashraf Aboulnaga, Ihab Ilyas

#174 Mining Actionable Patterns by Role Models
 Ke Wang, Yuelong Jiang, Alexander Tuzhilin

#175 Query Selection Techniques for Efficient Crawling of Structured Web
 Ping Wu, Ji-Rong Wen, Huan Liu, Wei-Ying Ma

#176 Mining Shifting-and-Scaling Co-Regulation Patterns on Gene Expression
 Xin Xu, Ying Lu, Anthony K.H. Tung, Wei Wang

#178 Surface KNN Query Processing
 Ke Deng, Xiaofang Zhou, Heng Tao Shen, Kai Xu, Xuemin Lin

#179 Reverse Nearest Neighbors Search in Ad-hoc Subspaces
 Man Lung Yiu, Nikos Mamoulis

#180 MiniCount: Efficient Rewriting of COUNT-Queries using Views
 Vaclav Lin, Vasilis Vassalos, Prodromos Malakasiotis

#187 Closest-Point-of-Approach Join for Moving Object Histories
 Subramanian Arumugam, Christopher Jermaine

#194 Closure-Tree: An Index Structure for Graph Queries
 Huahai He, Ambuj K. Singh

#202 Declarative Querying for Biological Sequences
 Sandeep Tata, Jignesh Patel, James Friedman, Anand Swaroop

#206 Sovereign Joins
 Rakesh Agrawal, Dmitri Asonov, Murat Kantarcioglu, Yaping Li

#209 Hilda: A High-Level Language for Data-Driven Web Applications
 Fan Yang, Jayavel Shanmugasundaram, Mirek Riedewald, Johannes Gehrke,
 Alan Demers

#219 Continuous Reverse Nearest Neighbor Monitoring
 Tian Xia, Donghui Zhang

#221 Privacy Preserving Query Processing using Third Parties
 Fatih Emekci, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi, Aziz Gulbeden

#224 Working Models for Uncertain Data
 Anish Das Sarma, Omar Benjelloun, Jennifer Widom, Alon Halevy

#232 Reasoning About Approximate Match Query Results
 Sudipto Guha, Nick Koudas, Divesh Srivastava, Xiaohui Yu

#235 Making Designer Schemas with Colors
 Nuwee Wiwatwattana, H.V. Jagadish, Laks Lakshmanan, Divesh Srivastava

#242 A Syntactic Rule Based Approach to Web Service Composition
 Ken Pu, Vagelis Hristidis, Nick Koudas

#254 Updates Through Views: A New Hope
 Yannis Kotidis, Divesh Srivastava, Yannis Velegrakis

#262 WebIQ: Learning from the Web to Match Query Interfaces on the Deep Web
 Wensheng Wu, AnHai Doan, Clement Yu

#263 C-Cubing: Efficient Computation of Closed Cubes by Aggregation-Based
 Dong Xin, Zheng Shao, Jiawei Han, Hongyan Liu

#264 Answering Imprecise Queries over Autonomous Web Databases
 Ullas Nambiar, Subbarao Kambhampati

#284 Laws for Rewriting Queries Containing Division Operators
 Ralf Rantzau, Christoph Mangold

#292 Effective Density Queries of Continuously Moving Objects
 Christian S. Jensen, Dan Lin, Beng Chin Ooi, Rui Zhang

#297 Distributed Evaluation of Continuous Equi-join Queries over Large
Structured Overlay Networks
 Stratos Idreos, Christos Tryfonopoulos, Manolis Koubarakis

#305 Estimating XML Structural Join Size Quickly and Economically
 Cheng Luo, Zhewei Jiang, Wen-Chi Hou, Feng Yan, Chih-Fang Wang

#309 Space-efficient Relative Error Order Sketch over Data Streams
 Ying Zhang, Xuemin Lin, Jian Xu, Flip Korn, Wei Wang

#319 An Estimation System for XPath Expressions
 Hanyu Li, Mong Li Lee, Wynne Hsu, Gao Cong

#327 A Sampling-Based Approach to Optimizing Top-k Queries in Sensor Networks
 Adam Silberstein, Rebecca Braynard, Carla Ellis, Kamesh Munagala, Jun Yang

#330 SUBSKY: Efficient Computation of Skylines in Subspaces
 Yufei Tao, Xiaokui Xiao, Jian Pei

#337 Nearest Surrounder Queries
 Ken Lee, Wang-Chien Lee, Hong Va Leong

#338 SketchTree: Approximate Tree Pattern Counts over (Streaming) Labeled Trees
 Praveen Rao, Bongki Moon

#343 VBI-Tree: A Peer-to-Peer Framework for Supporting Multi-Dimensional
Indexing Schemes
 H.V. Jagadish, Beng Chin Ooi, Quang Hieu Vu, Zhang Rong, Aoying Zhou

#344 New Sampling-Based Estimators for OLAP Queries
 Ruoming Jin, Leo Glimcher, Christopher Jermaine, Gagan Agrawal

#346 Compiled Query Execution Engine using JVM
 Jun Rao, Hamid Pirahesh, C Mohan, Guy Lohman

#351 Dual Labeling: Answering Graph Reachability Queries in Constant Time
 Haixun Wang, Hao He, Jun Yang, Philip Yu, Jeffrey Xu Yu

#357 Characterizing and Exploiting Reference Locality in Data Stream
 Feifei Li, Ching Chang, George Kollios, Azer Bestavros

#366 Warehousing and Analyzing Massive RFID Data Sets
 Hector Gonzalez, Jiawei Han, Xiaolei Li, Diego Klabjan

#370 R-trees with Update Memos
 Xiaopeng Xiong, Walid G. Aref

#378 Declarative Network Monitoring with an Underprovisioned Query Processor
 Frederick Reiss, Joseph Hellerstein

#379 MONDRIAN: Annotating and querying databases through colors and blocks
 Anastasios Kementsietsidis, Floris Geerts, Diego Milano

#397 A Multiple Neighborhood Approach to Relevance Feedback in Content-based
Image Retrieval
 Kien Hua, Ning Yu, Danzhou Liu

#403 Skyline queries against mobile lightweight devices in MANETs
 Zhiyong Huang, Christian S. Jensen, Hua Lu, Beng Chin Ooi

#406 XCluster Synopses for Structured XML Content
 Neoklis Polyzotis, Minos Garofalakis

#410 A Partition-Based Approach to Graph Mining
 Junmei Wang, Wynne Hsu, Mong Li Lee

#421 Searching Substructures with Superimposed Distance
 Xifeng Yan, Feida Zhu, Jiawei Han, Philip Yu

#425 Approximately Processing Multi-granularity Aggregate Queries over a Data
 Shouke Qin, Weining Qian, Aoying Zhou

#435 A primitive operator for similarity joins in data cleaning
 Venkatesh Ganti, Surajit Chaudhuri, Kaushik Raghav

#480 Predicate-based Filtering of XPath Expressions
 Shuang Hou, H.-A Jacobsen

#485 Approximation Techniques for Indexing the Earth Mover™'s Distance in
Multimedia Databases
 Ira Assent, Andrea Wenning, Thomas Seidl

#505 What's Different: Distributed, Continuous Monitoring of Duplicate-
Resilient Aggregates on Data Streams
 Graham Cormode, S. Muthukrishnan, Wei Zhuang

#522 Super-Scalar RAM-CPU Cache Compression
 Marcin Zukowski, Sandor Heman, Niels Nes, Peter Boncz

#529 Processing Window Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks
 Yingqi Xu, Wang-Chien Lee, Jianliang Xu, Gail Mitchell

#530 An Efficient XPath Query Processor for XML Streams
 Yi Chen, Susan Davidson, Yifeng Zheng

#542 L-Diversity: Privacy Beyond K-Anonymity
 Ashwin Machanavajjhala, Daniel Kifer, Johannes Gehrke, Muthuramakrishnan

#545 The Gauss-Tree: Efficient Object Identification in Databases of
Probabilistic Feature Vectors
 Christian Böhm, Alexey Pryakhin, Matthias Schubert

#546 Efficiently Evaluating Order Preserving Similarity Queries Over
Historical Market-Basket Data
 Reza Sherkat, Davood Rafiei

#547 Message-Passing in Peer Data Mangement Systems
 Philippe Cudre-Mauroux, Karl Aberer, Andras Feher

#549 Finding Fastest Paths on A Road Network with Speed Patterns
 Evangelos Kanoulas, Yang Du, Tian Xia, Donghui Zhang

#559 Integrating unstructured data into relational databases
 Imran Mansuri, Sunita Sarawagi

#571 Efficient Batch Top-k Search for Dictionary-based Entity Recognition
 Nagesh P.C., Amit Chandel, Sunita Sarawagi

#572 Counting at Large: Efficient Cardinality Estimation in Internet-Scale
Data Networks
 Nikos Ntarmos, Peter Triantafillou, Gerhard Weikum

#573 Approximate Data Collection in Sensor Networks using Probabilistic Models
 David Chu, Amol Deshpande, Joseph Hellerstein, Wei Hong

#577 Clean Answers over Dirty Databases
 Periklis Andritsos, Ariel Fuxman, Renée Miller

#586 A Systematic Approach for Optimizing Complex Mining Tasks on Multiple
 Ruoming Jin, Gagan Agrawal

#594 Merging Source Query Interfaces on Web Databases
 Eduard Dragut, Wensheng Wu, Prasad Sistla, Clement Yu, Weiyi Meng

#597 How to determine a good multi-programming level for external scheduling
 Bianca Schroeder, Mor Harchol-Balter, Arun Iyengar, Erich Nahum, Adam Wierman

#600 Robust Cardinality and Cost Estimation for Skyline Operator
 Surajit Chaudhuri, Nilesh Dalvi, Kaushik Raghav

#611 Network-Aware Operator Placement for Stream-Processing Systems
 Peter Pietzuch, Jonathan Ledlie, Jeffrey Shneidman, Matt Welsh, Margo Seltzer,
 Mema Roussopoulos

#613 Infrastructure and Algorithms for Warehousing of Sample Data
 Peter Haas, Paul Brown

#615 Précis: The Essence of a Query Answer
 Georgia Koutrika, Alkis Simitsis, Yannis Ioannidis

#621 End-biased Samples for Join Cardinality Estimation
 Cristian Estan, jeffrey naughton

#642 Approximating Aggregations in Peer-to-Peer Databases
 Benjamin Arai, Gautam Das, Dimitrios Gunopulos, Vana Kalogeraki

#655 Unifying the Processing of XML Streams and Relational Data
 Xin Zhou, Hetal Thakkar, Carlo Zaniolo

#707 UNIT: User-centric Transaction Management in Web-Database Systems
 Huiming Qu, Alexandors Labrinidis, Daniel Mosse

#729 Designing and Evaluating an XPath Dialect for Linguistic Queries
 Steven Bird, Yi Chen, Susan Davidson, Haejoong Lee, Yifeng Zheng

(II) Poster Papers

#116 An Approach to Adaptive Memory Management in Data Stream Systems
Juergen Kraemer, Michael Cammert, Bernhard Seeger, Sonny Vaupel

#130 Cluster Hulls: A Technique for Summarizing Spatial Data Streams
John Hershberger, Nisheeth Shrivastava, Subhash Suri

#148 LB-Index: A Multi-Resolution Index Structure for Images
Vebjorn Ljosa, Arnab Bhattacharya, Ambuj K. Singh

#153 PULSTORE: Automated Storage Management with QoS Guarantees
Lin Qiao, Balakrishna Iyer, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi

#164 On the Inverse Classification Problem and its Applications
Charu Aggarwal, Chen Chen, Jiawei Han

#170 Using XML to Build Efficient Transaction-Time Temporal Database Systems
on Relational Databases
Fusheng Wang, Xin Zhou, Carlo Zaniolo

#181 Sliding Window Based Multi-way Join Algorithms over Distributed Data
Dongdong Zhang, Jianzhong Li, Kimutai Kimeli, Weiping Wang

#190 Polymorphic XML Restructuring with the z-transform
Shuohao Zhang, Curtis Dyreson

#193 Segmentation of Publication Records of Authors from the Web
Wei Zhang, Neil Smalheiser, Vetle Torvik, Clement Yu

#200 Efficient Continuous Skyline Computation
Michael Morse, Jignesh Patel, William Grosky

#213 DREAM: A Data Replication Technique for Real-Time Mobile Ad-Hoc Network 
Prasanna Padmanabhan, Le Gruenwald

#217 A Pipelined Framework for Online Cleaning of Sensor Data Streams
Shawn Jeffery, Gustavo Alonso, Michael Franklin, Wei Hong, Jennifer Widom

#230 Monitoring Top-k Query in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jianliang Xu, Minji Wu, Xueyan Tang, Wang-Chien Lee

#243 Fractal Modeling of IP Network Traffic at Streaming Speeds
Flip Korn, S. Muthukrishnan, Yihua Wu

#265 Automating the Design and Construction of Query Forms
Magesh Jayapandian, H.V. Jagadish

#268 U-Filter: A Lightweight XML View Update Checker
Ling Wang, Elke Rudensteiner, Murali Mani

#275 Text Classification Improved through Automatically Extracted Sequences
Dou Shen, Jian-tao Sun

#279 Holistic Query Interface Matching using Parallel Schema Matchings
Weifeng Su, Jiying Wang, Fred Lochovsky

#281 Every Click You Make, I Will Be Fetching It: Efficient XML Query
Processing in RDMS Using GUI-driven

Sandeep Prakash, Sourav S Bhowmick

#295 Detecting Duplicates in Complex XML Data
Melanie Weis, Felix Naumann

#302 XCut: Indexing XML Data for Efficient Twig Evaluation
Simon Sheu, Nigel Wu, Jyun-Bo Chen

#324 Semantic Prefetching of Correlated Query Sequences
Ivan Bowman, Kenneth Salem

#329 Constraint-Chaining: Energy-Efficient Continuous Isoline Queries in
Sensor Networks
Adam Silberstein, Rebecca Braynard, Jun Yang

#393 Better Burst Detection
Xin Zhang, Dennis Shasha

#422 SaveRF: Towards Efficient Relevance Feedback Search
Heng Tao Shen, Beng Chin Ooi, Kian-Lee Tan

#434 Private updates to anonymous databases
Alberto Trombetta, Elisa Bertino

#438 Mining Dense Periodic Patterns in Time Series Data
Chang Sheng, Wynne Hsu, Mong Li Lee

#466 Algebraic Optimization of Nested XPath Expressions
Matthias Brantner, Sven Helmer, Carl-Christian Kanne, Guido Moerkotte

#478 Threshold Similarity Queries in Large Time Series Databases
Johannes Aßfalg, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Peer Kröger, Peter Kunath, Alexey
Pryakhin, Matthias Renz

#484 An Air Index for Data Access over Multiple Wireless Broadcast Channels
Damdinsuren Amarmend, Masayoshi Aritsugi, Yoshinari Kanamori

#489 Extracting Objects from the Web
Zaiqing Nie, Fei Wu, Ji-Rong Wen, Wei-Ying Ma

#494 The MIC Framework: An Information-Theoretic Approach to Quantitative
Association Rule Mining
Yiping Ke, James Cheng, Wilfred Ng

#496 Efficient Discovery of Emerging Frequent Patterns in Arbitrary Windows on
Data Streams
Xiaoming Jin, Xinqiang Zuo, Kwok-Yan Lam, Jianmin Wang, Jiaguang Sun

#515 Top-down Mining of Interesting Patterns from Very High Dimensional Data
Hongyan Liu, Jiawei Han, Dong Xin, Zheng Shao

#526 Searching Local Information in Mobile Databases
Ouri Wolfson, Bo Xu, Huabei Yin, Hu Cao

#535 Provable Security for Outsourcing Database Operations
Sergei Evdokimov, Matthias Fischmann, Oliver Günther

#538 Composition and Disclosure of Unlinkable Distributed Databases
Bradley Malin, Latanya Sweeney

#576 Scalable Lazy Master Database Replication
Khuzaima Daudjee, Kenneth Salem

#589 Operators for Expensive Functions in Continuous Queries
Matthew Denny, Michael Franklin

#596 Achieving class-based QoS for transactional workloads
Bianca Schroeder, Mor Harchol-Balter, Arun Iyengar, Erich Nahum

#604 Faster In-Network Evaluation of Spatial Aggregation in Sensor Networks
Dina Goldin

#620 Revision Processing in a Stream Processing Engine: A High-Level Design
Esther Ryvkina, Anurag Maskey, Mitch Cherniack, Stan Zdonik

#622 Materialized Sample Views for Database Approximation
Shantanu Joshi, Christopher Jermaine

#647 A Secure and Adaptive System for Management of Workflows with Temporal
Basit Shafiq, Arjmand Samuel, Elisa Bertino, Arif Ghafoor

#648 A Function-Based Access Control Model for XML Databases
Naishin Seki, Michiharu Kudo, Jussi Myllymaki, Hamid Pirahesh

#660 Incremental Maintenance of Materialized XQuery Views
Maged El-Sayed, Elke Rudensteiner, Murali Mani

#664 Partial Selection Query in Peer-to-Peer Databases
Farnoush Banaei-Kashani, Cyrus Shahabi, Muhammad Sahimi

#704 Approximating Streaming Window Joins Under CPU Limitations
Ahmed Ayad, Jeffrey Naughton, Stephen Wright, Utkarsh Srivastava

#706 On the Controlled Evolution of Process Choreographies
Stefanie Rinderle, Andreas Wombacher, Manfred Reichert

#712 HiWaRPP --- Hierarchical Wavelet-based Retrieval on Peer-to-Peer Network
Mihai Lupu, Bei Yu

#722 Don't be a Pessimist: Use Snapshot based Concurrency Control for XML
Zeeshan Sardar, Bettina Kemme

#730 Selective Information Dissemination and Discovery in Mobile Environments
Jingmiao Gao, Aris M. Ouksel

(III) Industrial Papers

Experiment Management with Metadata-based Integration for Collaborative
Scientific Research
Fusheng Wang, Peiya Liu, Pearson John, Fred Azar, Gerald Madlmayr

AutoGlobe: An Automatic Administration Concept for Service-Oriented Database
Stefan Seltzsam, Daniel Gmach, Stefan Krompass, Alfons Kemper

Load Balancing for Multi-tiered Database Systems through Autonomic Placement
of Materialized Views
Wen-Syan Li, Daniel Zilio, Vishal Batra, Mahadevan Subramanian, Calisto
Zuzarte, Inderpal Narang

RDF Object Type and Reification in the Database
Nicole Alexander, Siva Ravada

On Pushing Multilingual Query Operators into Relational Engines
A Kumaran, Pavan K. Chowdary, Jayant R. Haritsa

SIREN: a memory-conserving, snapshot-consistent checkpoint algorithm for
in-memory databases
Antti-Pekka Liedes, Antoni Wolski

RDF-based Relational Database Integration and its Application in Traditional
Chinese Medicine
Huajun Chen

SQL to XQuery Translation in the AquaLogic Data Services Platform
Sunil Jigyasu, Sujeet Banerjee, Vinayak Borkar, Michael Carey, Kanad Dixit,
Anil Malkani, Sachin Thatte

Supporting Keyword Columns with Ontology-based Referential Constraints in DBMS
Eugene Chong, Souripriya Das, George Eadon, Jagannathan Srinivasan

Taming Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Internal Controls Using Database
Rakesh Agrawal, Christopher Johnson, Jerry Kiernan, Frank Leymann

Space-partitioning Trees in PostgreSQL: Realization and Performance
M.Y. ElTabakh, Ramy Eltarras, Walid Aref

Automatic Sales Lead Generation from Web Data
Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Sachindra Joshi, Sumit Negi, Raghu Krishnapuram,
Sreeram Balakrishnan

Collaborative Business Process Support in IHE XDS through ebXML Business
Asuman Dogac, Veli Bicer, Alper Okcan

(IV) Demo Papers

UNIDOOR: a Deductive Object-Oriented Database Management System
Mohammed K. Jaber, Andrei Voronkov

DaWaII: a Tool for the Integration of Autonomous Data Marts
Luca Cabibbo, Ivan Panella, Riccardo Torlone

ConQueSt: a Constraint-based Querying System for Exploratory Pattern Discovery
Francesco Bonchi,  Fosca Giannotti, Claudio Lucchese, Salvatore, Orlando, 
Raffaele Perego, Roberto Trasarti

MAPLE: A Mobile Scalable P2P Nearest Neighbor Query Model for Location-based 
Wei-Shinn Ku,  Roger Zimmerman, Chi-Ngai Wan, Haojun Wang

SIPPER: Selecting Informative Peers in Structured P2P Environment for 
Content-Based Retrieval
Shuigeng Zhou, Zheng Zhang, Aoying Zhou, Weining Qian

Simultaneous Query Pipelines in QPipe
Anastassia Ailamaki, Kun Gao, Stavros Harizopoulos, Vladislav Shkapenyuk

Enabling Query Processing on Spatial Networks
Jagan Sankaranarayanan, Houman Alborzi, and Hanan Samet

cgmOLAP: Efficient Parallel Generation and Querying of Terabyte Size ROLAP 
Data Cubes
Y. Chen, A. Rau-Chaplin, F. Dehne, T. Eavis, D. Green, E. Sithirasenan

Practical Adaptation to Changing Resources in Grid Query Processing
Anastasios Gounaris, Norman W. Paton, Rizos Sakellariou, Alvaro A.A. Fernandes,
Jim Smith, Paul Watson

ViEWNet: Visual Exploration of Region-Wide Traffic Networks
Hans-Peter Kriegel, Peter Kunath, Martin Pfeifle, Matthias Renz

AITVS: Advanced Interactive Traffic Visualization System
Chang-Tien Lu, Arnold P. Boedihardjo, Jinping Zheng.

Stream Processing in Production-to-Business Software
Michael Cammert, Christoph Heinz, Juergen Kraemer, Tobias Riemenschneider, 
Maxim Schwarzkopf, Bernhard Seeger, Alexander Zeiss

HSI: A Novel Framework for Efficient Automated Singer Identification in Large 
Music Databases
Jialie Shen, John Sheperd, Bin Cui, Kian-Lee Tan

XPlainer: An XPath Debugging Framework
Mariano P. Consens, John W.S. Liu, Bill O'Farrell

ACXESS - Access Control for XML with Enhanced Security Specifcations
Sriram Mohan,Jonathan Klinginsmith, Arijit Sengupta, Raj Soin, Yuqing Wu

PETRANET: a Power Efficient Transaction management technique for Real-time 
mobile Ad-hoc NETwork databases.
Le Gruenwald, Percy Bernedo, Prasanna Padmanabhan

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