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Data Engineering deals with the use of engineering techniques and methodologies in the design, development and assessment of information systems for different computing platforms and application environments. The 22nd International Conference on Data Engineering provides a premier forum for sharing and exchanging research and engineering results to problems encountered in today's information society.

We especially encourage submissions that make efforts on (1) Exposing practitioners how the research results and tools can contribution to their everyday problems in practice, and providing them with an early opportunity to evaluate these tools; (2) Raising awareness in the research community of the problems of practical applications of data engineering and promoting the exchange of data engineering technologies and experience among researchers and practitioners; (3) Identifying new issues and directions for future research and development in the data engineering field.

ICDE 2006 invites research submissions on all topics related to data engineering, including but not limited to those listed below:

  1. Data Integration, Interoperability, and Metadata
  2. Ubiquitous Data Management and Mobile Databases
  3. Query processing, query optimization, and data structures
  4. Data Privacy and Security
  5. Data Mining
  6. Semi-structured data and XML databases
  7. Distributed, parallel, Peer to Peer databases
  8. Web Data Management and Deep Web
  9. Scientific and Biological Databases and Bioinformatics
  10. Workflow, Web Services
  11. Stream processing and sensor databases
  12. Data Grids, Data Warehousing, OLAP
  13. Temporal, Spatial, and Multimedia databases
  14. Database Applications and Experiences
  15. Database System Internals and Performance

In addition to the research track, ICDE 2006 invites submissions for INDUSTRIAL PROGRAM, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SEMINARS, and SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATIONS. All submission instructions can be found on the conference web site at: http://icde06.cc.gatech.edu and the European mirror site at: http://icde06.ewi.utwente.nl

An award will be given to the best paper. A separate award will be given to the best student paper. Papers eligible for this award must have a (graduate or undergraduate) student listed as the first and contact author, and the majority of the authors must be students. Such submissions must be marked as student papers at the time of submission.


Abstract Deadline: June 14, 2005 midnight PST
Submission Deadline: June 21, 2005 midnight PST
Notification Date: September 15, 2005
Final Version Due: October 27, 2005 (subject to change)

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