Jan Schut,Co-ordinator Internationalization Faculty EEMCS

Drs. Jan. Schut



Zilverling A108

University of Twente



++ 31 53 489 4350

Department of Computer Science

P.O. Box 217



7500 AE Enschede




The Netherlands






Jan has various tasks related to internationalization.


The leading task is being responsible for the policy of the faculty EEMCS w.r.t. internationalization.

This implies being the intermediar between the management of the faculty and the board of the university and writing strategic plans w.r.t. internationalization on behalf of the board of the faculty.


The major task is co-ordinating all kind of processes related to:


- over-all co-ordination w.r.t. admission ofstudents in masterís programmes of the faculty

- supporting admitted students in the masterís programmes in getting grants

- guiding students in the masterís programmes throughout their study


- establishing exchange contracts

- admission of students and/or staff based on an exchange agreement

- setting up international co-operation such as joint-degree programmes or co-operation based on MoU between the faculty and other faculty or institute


Besides this Jan is co-ordinating the masterís programmes in the Department of Computer Sciences in general.††

Jan Schut started to work at the Department of Applied Mathematics in 1983 after studying in Groningen (Mathematics).

In 1987 Jan joined the Systems and Control Groupwhere started to work as lecturer. Since this time he gave lectures on all kinds of topics in System and Control Theory. The lectures are given to Electrical Engineering students, to Computer Science student and of course to the Mathematics students. In his spare ``research time'' Jan was working on a dynamic model for a water distribution network, using the theory of identification of parameters in Large Scale Networks. After this Jan concentrated mainly on topics related to Discrete Event Systems.

In 2000 Jan move over to the Department of Computer Science to become the programme manager of the study Telematics.

After the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences merged in one Faculty called EEMCS Jan became the Co-ordinator Internationalization of this faculty.