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Monday, August 29th, 2011 | Author:

The MUD-workshop co-located with VLDB 2011 will be the last one. Ander de Keijzer and I decided that after having organized 5 MUD-workshops, the topic of uncertainty in data has been established well enough in the major conferences. [Proceedings]

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Monday, August 22nd, 2011 | Author:

One of my PhD students, Mena Badieh Habib, and I submitted a paper about improving the effectiveness of named entity extraction (NEE) with what we call “the reinforcement effect” to the MUD workshop of VLDB2011.
Named Entity Extraction and Disambiguation: The Reinforcement Effect.
Mena Badieh Habib, Maurice van Keulen
Named entity extraction and disambiguation have received much attention in recent years. Typical fields addressing these topics are information retrieval, natural language processing, and semantic web. Although these topics are highly dependent, almost no existing works examine this dependency. It is the aim of this paper to examine the dependency and show how one affects the other, and vice versa. We conducted experiments with a set of descriptions of holiday homes with the aim to extract and disambiguate toponyms as a representative example of named entities. We experimented with three approaches for disambiguation with the purpose to infer the country of the holiday home. We examined how the effectiveness of extraction influences the effectiveness of disambiguation, and reciprocally, how filtering out ambiguous names (an activity that depends on the disambiguation process) improves the effectiveness of extraction. Since this, in turn, may improve the effectiveness of disambiguation again, it shows that extraction and disambiguation may reinforce each other.

The paper will be presented at the MUD workshop co-located with VLDB 2011, 29 August 2011, Seattle, USA [details]