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Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 | Author:

Dolf Trieschnigg and I got some subsidy to valorize some of the research results of the COMMIT/ TimeTrails, PayDIBI, and FedSS projects. Company involved is Mydatafactory.
SmartCOPI: Smart Consolidation of Product Information
[download public version of project proposal]
Maintaining the quality of detailed product data, ranging from data about required raw materials to detailed specifications of tools and spare parts, is of vital importance in many industries. Ordering or using wrong spare parts (based on wrong or incomplete information) may result in significant production loss or even impact health and safety. The web provides a wealth of information on products provided in various formats, detail levels, targeted at at a variety of audiences. Semi- automatically locating, extracting and consolidating this information would be a “killer app” for enriching and improving product data quality with a significant impact on production cost and quality. The new to COMMIT/ industry partner Mydatafactory is interested in both the web harvesting and data cleansing technologies developed in COMMIT/-projects P1/Infiniti and P19/TimeTrails for this potential and for improving Mydatafactory’s data cleansing services. The ICT science questions behind data cleansing and web harvesting are how noise can be detected and reduced in discrete structured data, and how human cognitive skills in information navigation and extraction can be mimicked. Research results on these questions may benefit a wide range of applications from various domains such as fraud detection and forensics, creating a common operational picture, and safety in food and pharmaceuticals.

Wednesday, September 01st, 2010 | Author:

Gezocht met spoed: student voor onderstaande afstudeeropdracht tbv het ESCAPE project.
Automatische verrijking
ESCAPE is een project tbv een nieuwe manier van wetenschappelijke communicatie die niet meer gebaseerd is op alleen maar artikelen. Het is gebaseerd op semantic web technologie waarmee brede kennis over artikelen, data, resultaten, onderzoekers, projecten, organisaties, en de relaties daartussen kunnen worden opgeslagen, bevraagd en gemanipuleerd. Het invoeren van de gegevens en kennis is echter nogal arbeidsintensief. Deze opdracht gaat erover om tools te ontwikkelen voor automatische verrijking van de gegevens en kennis. Daarmee bedoelen we op ‘t laagste niveau import van publicatiegegevens van websites van uitgevers e.d., maar ook op een hoger niveau verrijking door automatisch links te leggen met Open Linked Data en andere databases en websites.