The standard H-infinity control problem for dead-time systems

Gjerrit Meinsma and Hans Zwart
The standard H-infinity control problem is solved for systems with a delay. It is shown that for a given bound on the H-infinity norm there exist causal stabilizing controllers that achieve this bound if and only if two rational spectral factorization problems have solutions with a certain nonsingularity property. All sub-optimal controllers are parameterized and the central controller is shown to consist of an interconnection of a finite dimensional system with a system whose impulse response has compact support.

This note was submitted to the MTNS 1998. For the time being you can download it here. The older version of this note contains a mistake (a matrix was missing). This has been corrected in the present version

Keywords: Dead-time systems, delay systems, H-infinity control, Smith predictors, infinite dimensional systems.
Postscript file: (5 pages, 145 Kb, 600 dpi, gzip compressed).
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