Wearable electrodes:


To bring EEG-based Brain-Computer Interfaces from the lab to the daily life of people will require the availability on the market of comfortable and reliable sensor headsets. I would like to test any new system coming out on the market, but proper testing costs money.

Until now I have only been partly involved in the testing of dry electrodes from BrainProducts (Zander et al,2011). In the Human Media Interaction group of the University of Twente we work with the Emotiv headset. In future we want to benchmark more headsets to understand which one delivers good and robust signals.

Systems I saw live or tested myself so far include: Enobio, Emotiv, Starlab, Neurosky, Nouzz, BrainProducts, Quasar and some others.

If you know more systems I should know of please contact me.


g.Sahara from g.Tec

Emotiv EPOC

Enobio from Starlab

Nou from Nouzz
which seems to be the same as
Mynd from Neurofocus