About me:


I am a researcher in the 3TU Centre for Ethics and Technology and a postdoc in the Human Media Interaction group at the University of Twente. My interests form a strange but wonderful mixture of psychology, ICT, neuroengineering, ethics and public relations. This is reflected in my project:

I study the ethical, legal and societal aspects of Brain-Computer Interfaces and other neurotechnologies. Click here for more information.

Despite the job title psychologist and experience with brain-computer interfaces I am still utterly incapable of reading thoughts.   

Current activity: Interviewing locked-in patients about ethical, legal and social issues related to their assistive technology and their views on brain-computer interfaces.


Femke Nijboer - Human Media Interaction
Department of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, (EEMCS)
University of Twente, Enschede
+31 (0)53 489 4650 | | LinkedIn |  Scholar

Courtesy of "Rene Fokkink fotografie"