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Bridging the gap between ethics and neurotechnology: the case of Brain-Computer Interfacing

Neurtechnology increasingly melts together with our body and brain. The general public should also be included in the ethical debate about these technologies. This project develops interactive theater performances in cooperation with neuro-engineers, ethicists, philosophers, artists, journalists and the general public. I predict that theater can make future technologies tangible and discussable.

Neurotechnologie smelt steeds meer samen met ons lichaam en brein. Naast ethici en filosofen dient ook het publiek betrokken te worden bij het ethische debat over deze technologieŽn. Ik wil samen met neuro-engineers, ethici, journalisten, kunstenaars en patiŽnten interactieve theatervoorstellingen maken die de toekomstige technologieŽn tastbaar en bespreekbaar maken.

Brain Gain

BrainGain is a Dutch research consortium consisting of researchers, industry and potential users of Brain-Computer and Computer-Brain interfaces. The program started in September 2007 and is funded by SmartMix, a Dutch initiative to support applied research. BrainGain is researching possibilities of applications for both ill and healthy users, and aims to eventually manufacture off-the-shelf products making use of their research results.

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Previous projects:


future BNCI

Future BNCI is a project devoted to helping BCI research and the BCI research community. We are also exploring future directions with BCIs. Future BNCI is a two year project that began in Jan 2010. Our project is responsible for providing information for the BCI community and other groups about our project, other projects, and BCI aresearch in general. We are also responsible for helping to explore the best future research opportunities in different aspects of BCI research, such as which signals and sensors are most promising, which groups of users are most likely in the near future, and which interfaces are best. We will develop roadmaps and try to identify obstacles and opportunities for collaboration. More details can be found at our website.

 We hope to encourage interaction among different BCI groups with different backgrounds. This research field requires different disciplines. Future BNCI will also encourage collaboration across different research projects and across different sectors (such as academic, commercial, medical, and nonprofit). Our project is funded through the European Commission.