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Applied Analysis and Mathematical Physics (AAMP) Group


- Didit Adytia
started: July 2008
subject: Coastal Zone and Tsunami Simulations with Variational Boussinesq Model


- Alyona Ivanova
started: January 2006
subject: Computational Photonics: Dimensionality Reduction


- Ivan Lakhturov
started: September 2006
subject: Extreme Surface Waves: Numerical Simulations and Experiments


- She Liam Lie
started: September 2006
subject: Extreme Surface Waves: Analytical Modeling


- Marcel Lourens
started: January 2008
subject: Network Modeling of Deep Brain Simulations


- Tim op ’t Root
started: May 2006
subject: Reflection Seismic Imaging: One-Way Wave Propagation with Pseudo-Differential Operators


- Sid Visser
started: April 2009
subject: Parameter Estimation of Neuronal Models

Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming (DMMP) Group

- Matthijs Bomhoff
started: May 2008
subject: Computer Tools to Help Mechanical Engineers to Design Solutions

- Maurice Bosman
started: June 2008
subject: Energy, Micro Combined Heat and Power

- Harm Bossers
started: October 2009
subject: Realtime Scheduling and Control in Testing of Chips

- Theresia van Essen
started: August 2009
subject: Planning in Health Care

- Philip Hölzenspies
started: December 2005
subject: Algorithms on Chips

- Dongshuang Hou
started: September 2009
subject: 1-Convex Games, 2-Convex Games, Their Basis and Bankrupcy Games

- Ardjan Zwartjes
started: September 2008
subject: TBA


Numerical Analysis and Computational Mechanics (NACM) Group


- Briti Sundar Deb
started: November 2008
subject: Control of Aerosol Migration with Temperature Gradients


- Lilya Ghazaryan
started: November 2008
subject: Aerosol Particles in Porous Media

- Tito Julianto
started: February 2009
subject: Parallel Algorithm for Discontinuous Galerkin Finite
Element Method

- Wenny Kristina
started: July 2008
subject: Modelling of Tsunamis

- Julia Mikhal
started: November 2008
subject: Mathematical Analysis and Classification of Flow Topologies in Celebral Aneurysms

- Masoumeh Mohammadi
started: May 2009
subject: Compatible Mathematical Models for Coastal Hydrodynamics

- Shavarsh Nurijanyan
started: November 2008
subject: A Numerical Wave Tank for Complex Wave and Current Interactions

- Bob Peeters
started: October 2006
subject: Hamiltonian-Based Numerical Methods for Force-Dissipative Climate Prediction


- David Lopez Penha
started: May 2008
subject: Simulation of Transport Processes in a Porous Plug


- Sander Rhebergen
started: October 2005
subject: Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Shallow Two-Phase Flows


- Domokos Sarmany
started: September 2005
subject: hp-Adaptive Finite Element Methods for the Maxwell Equations


- Henk Sollie
started: May 2002
subject: Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Two-Phase Flows



Stochastic Operations Research (SOR) Group


- Jan-Willem van Bloem
started: 2008
subject: TBA

- Peter Hulshof
started: September 2008
subject: LogiDOC

- Nikky Kortbeek
started: September 2008
subject: Project LogiDOC - Healthcare Logistics

- Daniël Reijsbergen
started: April 2009
subject: McSTORES

- Peter Vanberkel
started: 2007
subject: Healthcare Logistics

- Maartje Zonderland
started: January 2008
subject: Healthcare Logistics

Stochastic Systems and Signals (SST) Group


- Niels Besseling
started: January 2007
subject: Bounds on Stable Semigroups

- Ove Göttsche
started: November 2007
subject: Incorporating Risk Constraints in Pricing Measures



Mathematical Systems and Control Theory (MSCT) Group


- Svetlana Polenkova
started: March 2008
subject: Control and Analysis for the Stability of Hybrid and Embedded Systems

- Wishnu Pradana

- Rahayu Prihatin

- Hanumant Singh Shekhawat
started: December 2008
subject: Signals, Samples and Systems