Current interests

Currently, my main interest is in application of graph transformations in the twin areas of

For the purpose of the former, I am studying, on the one hand, operational semantics based on graph transformation, as well as abstraction techniques and model checking techniques for graphs. For the purpose of the second, I am interested in automatic model generation and refactoring using a graph-based representation of models. This first subject is covered by the project GROOVE, the second by GRASLAND.

A particular application area where I intend to use graph transformations as a behavioural model is in aspect-oriented programming. This is embodied in the AOSD network of excellence.

Past interests

My past interest was in the theory of concurrency, as embodied by process algebra in all its aspects, including equivalence and implementation relations, semantic models (in particular partial order models) and axiomatisations. Much of my research has delved into the issue of action refinement, which I still believe to be a principle whose potential applications have not been realized in practice. I also did some work in true concurrency (especially event-based models) and testing theory (fair testing).


I studied computer science engineering at the University of Twente from August 1982 onwards, and received my degree in August 1986. I then worked until December 1990 as a researcher at the University of Twente, after which I enrolled as a PhD student there under the supervision of Prof. Brinksma. I received my PhD degree in August 1993, at which time I had already started working as a lecturer at the University of Hildesheim. In 1998 I moved back to the University of Twente, as an assistant professor and, from 2000, as an associate professor. On 1 September 2010 I was appointed Full Professor on Software Modelling, Verification and Transformation.

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