Design and implementation of an Interactive Multimedia Document Player

The Huygens project in Twente is, in cooperation with CWI, Amsterdam, designing and implementing an interactive multimedia player, which make it possible to make multimedia presentations which may contain texts, images, graphics, animations, audio and video, and to display all media items in a timely manner. The multimedia document player will be using the multimedia document structure of CMIF (CWI Multimedia Interchange format) together with the real-time characteristics of the Nemesis operating system developed in the Pegasus project of the Universities of Twente and Cambridge, and the ATM infrastructure available.

In this project students are needed for the following tasks:

A multimedia-document player must be capable of a number of things, such as displaying different media types and support a wide range of layouts for these, and the timing must be sufficiently accurate that audio, video and animations are played smoothly at the correct speed. The document player also has to react to user input with imperceptible delay; that is, when the lecturer presses the button to start the video, there must not be a pause while the video is being loaded. This assignment will focus on the design and building of a basic prototype of the player, concentrating on video and audio rendering, user interface design, and system preloading, so the player can react to user input with low delay.

The synchronization of the multimedia-document player must be good enough that lip-sync and stereophonic effects really work (the ear is much more sensitive to timing problems than the eye). In addition, there can, for example, be additional synchronization requirements such as adding subtitles to movies. This assignment focuses on the design and implementation of the synchronisation mechanisms for the multimedia document player.

Another challenges in this project lies in the management of the processing capacity of the system. Quality-of-Service negotiations will have to take place between the multimedia-document player and the operating system and the player will have to divide the resources it can obtain as efficiently as possible over its subprocesses. This assignment focuses on the quality of service aspects of the project.

For further information contact Prof. dr. Sape J. Mullender or Tatjana M. Burkow