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PS organized "IoT Challenge" competition 
On 24 October 2012 and during the Internet of Things (IoT) conference, held in Wuxi, China, Pervasive Systems organized "IoT Challenge" competition. Out of 14 papers submitted to the challenge, the best three were selected based on thorough review results. During the competition, these three best papers had to give a demonstration to the organizing committee and to the audience, after which the winner was selected based on public votes.

To be eligible for the challenge, the contributions should not have only presented a working system but also should have clearly described how it solves the real-world problem and how it goes beyond the State of the Art solutions.

Based on both review results and public votes, the end results were:

- First place and second prize: Darren Carlson, Bashar Altakrouri, Andreas Schrader for their paper entitled "AmbientWeb: Bridging the Web’s Cyber-physical Gap"

- Second place and second prize: Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, Henning Hasemanny, Marcel Karnstedtz, Oliver Kleinex, Alexander Krollery, Myriam Leggieriz, Dennis Pfistererx, Kay Romer, and Cuong Truong for their paper entitled "True Self-Configuration for the IoT"

- Third place and third prize: Tao Gong, Zheng Hu, HaiFeng Liu, Feng Lin, Dian Zhou, Hui Tian for their paper entitled "Context-aware Computing Mediated Dynamic Service Composition and Reconfiguration for Ubiquitous Environment"

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