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Invited talk in VCWI Sino-Dutch Forum on emerging issues 
On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Sino-Dutch diplomatic relation, VCWI organized a one day seminar on 21 Sep 2012 on new perspectives in Sino-Dutch Cooperation. One of the themes of the seminar was Sino-Dutch cooperation opportunities in Energy & Resources, Water and Food, Space and ICT, Health and Nano Technologies. Paul Havinga gave an invited talk on possibilities offered by sensing technologies.

More information can be found at:
http://itc.nl/Pub/Events-Conferences/20 ... ssues.html

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Invited talk at Incas3 
On 20 Sep 2012, Nirvana Meratnia gave an invited talk at Incas3. The talk was about energy efficient buildings and how activity recognition and learning mechanisms can help in reducing energy consumption at home environments while keeping user satisfaction at a reasonable level.

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Award ceremony of STW valorisation grant  
On 7 Sep 2012, in a ceremony organized by STW and NWO, winners of the STW valorisation grant received their grants from the minister of education Mr. Zijlstra. Bram Dil and Wouter van Kleunen, AIOs at PS, received a valorisation grant (phase 1) for their proposal entitled "Spatial-Based SALOC". The valorisation grant is an individual grant for researchers to develop innovative high-tech businesses based within an university or research institute developed knowledge.

More information can be found at:

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Second review of GENESI project 
Second review of the GENESI project took place on 11 July 2012 in Rome, Italy. After presenting scientific and technical achievements of the project, reviewers and the consortium partners paid a visit to the under construction Rome under ground metro station, which is used by the GENESI project as one of the test sites.

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Final event of Codesign project course  
Co-Design is a Bachelor course given by the Pervasive Systems group. In this course hardware and software codesign is a central theme. During this course, students pick an assignment in which they could display their skills and knowledge about programming hardware, using sensors and working with distributed systems.

This year, two students designed a localization algorithm. Four students developed a program which could measure the distance walked while carrying an Arduino with an accelerometer. A group of students wrote software to make toy-cars balance a seesaw using multiple Arduino's and accelerometers. Students also made software which could make the cars drive in a constant speed on various surfaces, using inventive solutions like using a motor as a dynamo to measure the speed, or using a light and a light sensor attached to one of the wheels of the car. Two students worked on two spider robots, where one spider should follow the other spider.

This year's demonstration was a big success. All students demonstrated and explained their project, resulting in a very interesting afternoon.

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