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Smart Signs Solution is nominated for Young Technology Award 
Smart Signs Solutions, one of the three spin-offs of the Pervasive Systems group, is nominated for the Young Technology Award.

Final event will take place on November 5, in which nominees give an elevation pitch and try to convince the jury over the success of their business.

More information can be found at: http://www.kennispark.nl/nieuws
/20091 ... erden.doc/


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Successful final review of the AWARE project 
The reviewers of the European research project AWARE (IST-2006-33579) congratulate all project partners with their excellent work and the great results that have been accomplished in the project. With this final review, the technical part of the project, in which the Pervasive Systems group took part, has officially been concluded.

The objectives of the project were the design and development of a platform providing the middleware and the functionalities required for the cooperation among aerial flying objects, i.e. autonomous helicopters, and a ground sensor-actuator wireless network, including mobile nodes carried by people and vehicles.

One of the focus application scenarios of the AWARE project is disaster management and civil security, in which wireless sensors are autonomously deployed and collaboratively detect critical events. When a critical event –such as fire- has been detected, autonomous helicopters fly to the event area and collect detailed information with their on-board sensors and cameras. In addition, the health conditions, location and activity of personnel are continuously monitored through sensors in their clothing. The AWARE platform provides critical information to rescue operators or fire fighters to make their actions more efficient, but also to save their lives by early warning for dangers.

"In this project, we had a strong scientific focus, but we also demonstrated the designed systems in practice", says Lodewijk van Hoesel. "This stimulated intensive collaboration between the project partners and allowed us to show the results of our research to a broad audience and international press."

More information about the AWARE project can be found at http://www.aware-project.net/.

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Successful House Warming for SmartXP 
House warming party of SmartXP took place on the 15th of October 2009. SmartXP welcomed about 70 EEMCS members of staff, master students, and other interested people. About 20 more people were actively involved in setting up experiments and demonstrations.

Included in the Lab Warming was the first of a series of interactive research events. During this event, researchers and students showed various experiments deploying a wide range of technology.

More information can be found at:
http://smartxp.ewi.utwente.nl/joomla/in ... ;Itemid=51

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Raluca Marin-Perianu is the winner of the Christiaan Huygens award 2009 
Raluca Marin-Perianu is the winner of the Christiaan Huygens awards 2009 in the scientific area Information and Communication Technology. She received this award, consisting of €10.000, a certificate, and a sculpture, for her PhD thesis entitled "Wireless Sensor Networks in Motion - Clustering Algorithms for Service Discovery and Provisioning" on 7th October 2009.

She was also nominated for the Simon Stevin Gezelprijs 2009. On 8 October, she ended with the second prize.


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SENSEI joint workpackages meeting 
SENSEI joint workpackages meeting took place on 29 September till 01 October in in Oslo, Norway.

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