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Invited talk in Marine Tech Summit  
On 28 Oct, Nirvana Meratnia gave an invited talk entitled "Collaborative Embedded Wireless Sensor Networks for Underwater Surveillance" in Marine Tech Summit in Dalian, China.

More information can be found at:

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Second CLAM face to face meeting in Norway 
The second face to face CLAM project meeting took place on 20-22 October in Horten, Norway.

After having a joint meeting with the UAN project leader to investigate possible collaboration, CLAM consortium held its face to face meeting on presenting activities and achievements. After that Kongsberg Maritime offered a technical tour in their facilities.

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GENESI project meeting in Cork 
The second GENESI project meeting took place on 8 October in Cork Ireland, in which user and system requirements were discussed.

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Nomination for Simon Stevin Leerling award 
Koen Bloom and Wouter van Kleunen, phd students of the SeaSTAR project, have been nominated for the Simon Stevin Leerling award.

The prize, a sum of one thousand euros, is for the PhD student whose poster best demonstrates to companies and investors how the STW research in question can be applied in the long term.

In a two-rounds selection, the jury first made a short list of 5 candidates and ultimately the best 3 candidates who should have given an elevation pitch to the audience present at the STW annual congress on 7 Oct. Through vote of the audience, Koen and Wouter ended up in the second place.

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Invited talk in Wireless Sensor Network in Industry Workshop 
On 5th October Supriyo Chatterjea gave a talk entitled “Using Spatio-Temporal Correlations for Energy-Efficient Data Extraction from Wireless Sensor Networks” at the Wireless Sensor Network in Industry workshop organised by Centro Ricerche Fiat in Trento, Italy.

More information can be found at: http://wsni2010.altervista.org/

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