MELISSa (Mining Event Logs for Intrusions in Scada Systems)

MELISSa is a tool to analyze SCADA system logs in a semi-automated way and detect undesired activities. The tool is based on the results of the HERMES research project.

Using MELISSa you can:

  • Import a SCADA system CSV (Comma Separated Value) log file
  • Define data layout and properties by means of a five step guided procedure
  • Visualize event logs by means of a chart to spot outlier events (events that occur rarely and may indicate unwanted operations or mistakes)

MELISSa screenshot

Download MELISSa from here.

OPC Alarms and Events Java driver

OPC-AE-Java driver is a Java library for connecting to OPC Alarms and Events servers. This tool was created as part of the HERMES research project.

Using OPC-AE-Java driver, you can develop applications to collect events from an industrial process automation system that exposes a server that implements the OPC Alarms and Events Custom Interface Standard version 1.10. You can set all types of filters on the events you wish to collect, and browse Areas and Sources defined on the server.

Download OPC-AE-Java from here.

Visual Sibyl

Visual Sibyl is a graphical tool for the analysis and optimization of SLAs for IT architectures, based on A2THOS.

Download VisualSibyl here, or watch this introductory video.